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DreamweaverTemplate v0.1.1 documentation



Parse Dreamweaver templates (.dwt files) and pages. Supports Dreamweaver 3 and 4 (very old).

This Package only provides the core tools to parse Dreamweaver templates, create pages from them and then parse the pages.

The related SiteTool package provides more advanced functionality such as the ability to:

  • reapply templates and library items to pages in a site
  • scan for broken links and orphaned pages
  • move a page and have the links in the rest of the site updated

The idea is that if you want to dynamically generate pages in say a web application you will only need the DreamweaverTemplate package whereas if you are looking to manage a site which follows the Dreamweaver model you would use SiteTool.

Get Started

  • Download and install from source


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James Gardner: Home > Work > Code > DreamweaverTemplate > 0.1.1