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Here are a few of the things I'm involved with at the moment...


Writing the Pylons Book made me aware of quite a few things I'd do differently if I were starting again. Over the last 6 months I've been implementing all those ideas as part of the code base for DolphinClick and once I'm happy with it all I'll start sharing it for others to use too. In the meantime you can have a look at the code I've written in the past and a few of the more recent bits of work I've done on code page.


Anyone with even a basic interest in the news should be aware that climate change is real. Chris Adams and I are working on a project code-named Carbage to help monitor energy use in offices in such a way that the the carbon can be apportioned based on who was in the building when the energy was used. It's a bit different from other solutions you might have seen so check out the Carbage page for a bit more information.


A start-up I've been working on for over a year to provide a way of capturing important business data in organisations which are changing fast or in which the conventional database systems they use are not effective or totally up-to-date. Feel free to get in touch if you are intrested in hearing more.

Good Ingredients

A set of tutorials which expalin in detail how to set up a complete server infrastructre suitable for your typical start-up. Rather than being a hotch-potch of ideas, they all focus on the same set of components eg Debian, Postfix, Apache etc


A popular open source web framework which is designed to be easier to customise than the alternatives whilst still giving you everything you need and a sensible configuration out of the box. Visit the main Pylons Head-Quarters site or the Pylons Book site.


I've created a lot of websites in my time and am slowly collecting an archive of the ones which are not still online. View the beginings of the archive here.

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