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AppDispatch v0.2.0 documentation

API Documentation

class appdispatch.AppMarble(bag, name, config, persistent_state, flow_state=None, aliases=None)
class appdispatch.BaseApp(bag, name, aliases=None, mount_at='auto', urls=None, names={'resolve': 'resolve', 'static': 'static'})

An AppPipe is a specical type of marbles in that in addition to configuration and an optional marble, it also takes an App object.

As well as being an ordinary marbles which is placed in the marblesline and dispatches to the App if the URL path matches the name of the app, an AppPipe can also be used outside of the marblesline. In this case an AppDispatch() marbles must be in the marblesline and it will dispatch to the app based on the location of an index.app file in the static directory whose contents corresponds to the application name.

alias of AppMarble
class appdispatch.BaseArea
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