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Updated My Desktop

Posted:2009-03-08 20:02
Tags:Desktop Software, Debian, Virtulization, Apple

Until recently I've been very happily running Ubuntu Hardy through VirtualBox on Mac OS X Leopard. After coming back from a snowboarding trip to Verbier this week though I became frustrated with how slow it was. It could have been because Mac OS X was getting choked up with too many things running, or because I had been installing too much software on Hardy, but the fact that VirtualBox was only using one of the cores on my dual core CPU didn't help so I decided to re-install and dual boot so I could run Linux natively. My choices were:

Ubuntu Hardy doesn't properly support all the hardware on the MacBook Air which is why I decided to run it virtualized to start with. It turns out Debain Lenny doesn't support it all either despite being the most recent of the three so I chose Ubuntu Intrepid. It supports all the Apple hardware really well and I've written a guide to how to set it up which I'll post next.

Since RedHat's announcement that they will be switching from Xen to KVM (and since Ubuntu had already announce the same thing) I thought I'd investigate KVM and in particular the Ubuntu JeOS approach. With Intrepid installed I'm in a good position to experiment with these technologies. I'll blog a guide shortly too.

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James Gardner: Home > Blog > 2009 > Updated My Desktop