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The Blog Contract

Posted:2009-11-10 12:12
Headline:An agreement I have with Luke to post a blog entry at least once a month. He's an interesting chap so this is as much to pursuade him to write interesting things for me to read as to provide interesting content myself!

For a blog to become popular the author has to post quality articles regularly but for many people it is difficult to be motivated to post regularly if you think no-one is reading your blog.

To help solve this I've entered into a blog contract with a fellow Hub Member, Luke Nicholson. The idea is that to help motivate us to write posts about what we are up to more reglarly we will each fine the other 10 UK pounds if the other fails to post by the 1st of each month. The blog contract code of honour states that the person gaining from the fine should offer to buy the loser a pint.

Luke hasn't started his blog yet but you can see where it will be at http://blog.lukenicholson.com. Luke's always got interesting ideas so I fully expect this to be a useful resource.

That's my post sorted for this month ;)

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James Gardner: Home > Blog > 2009 > The Blog Contract