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Good Ingredients, AWS and App Engine

Posted:2008-04-08 10:22
Tags:Python, Web, Debian, EC2, Hosting

So, today's been an interesting day. I finally decided on Sunday against building my future projects with Amazon web services on the basis that I'm more likely to be able to build a faster responding and more tailored solution to each of my needs with other tools. I decided to investigate MogileFS as an alternative to Amazon S3 and at the same time I decided to start work on a new set of Python tools to be named "good ingredients" which would basically be very low level components using a more genericised version of the WSGI spec which also allows services (something I've been thinking about recently). I mentioned some of my ideas to some of the Rails community including one of the core comitters but didn't get a lot of interest. I'm not too suprised becuase I haven't had a lot of interest from the Pylons community either and the Rails community are far more in favour of abstractions than the Pylons community and abstractions are precicely what good ingredients were not going to be about.

Anyway, the plan was to put together existing tools that provide the sorts of very scalable infrastructure which would otherwise require something like AWS and expose useful a useful low-level web framework stack with the good ingredients.

Then after all this planning Google go an release their App Engine which offers both a scalable infrastructure and a new set of Python modules which seem farily low-level and support WSGI. Still the infrastructure isn't customisable and the modules don't use anything akin to the modular WSGI services API I am planning so I think it makes sense for me to carry on with my ideas anyway. Interesting times though.

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James Gardner: Home > Blog > 2008 > Good Ingredients, AWS and App Engine