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AuthKit 0.4.3 Released

Posted:2008-12-16 16:12
Tags:Pylons, Python, Web, Software Releases, AuthKit

I'm pleased to announce the release of AuthKit 0.4.3. You can read the change log and download the release here:


Many bugs have been fixed and AuthKit has been upgraded to work with the forthcoming Pylons 0.9.7. In particular the algorithm for determining the correct URL for form submission has changed so if you are upgrading you should check this is working (it can be manually overridden by specifying the authkit.form.action option as the URL to submit to) and the authkit.setup.enable option has changed so that when the authentication middleware is disabled all authorization checks automatically pass.

It is recommended all users check the change log and upgrade to this version.

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James Gardner: Home > Blog > 2008 > AuthKit 0.4.3 Released