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Pylons Logo Design

Posted:2007-06-01 10:02

Ben and I have started thinking again about what really makes Pylons different from other web frameworks and how we can best highlight those differences in the Pylons marketing to help attract people to the community and see Pylons gain further recognition and adoption.

As part of the process we'd like to hire a professional designer to create a new and striking logo for Pylons but we don't know of anyone suitable ourselves so I'd like to send out a challenge: Does anyone on the list know a top notch logo designer who they can recommend and who might be interested in helping us design a fresh Pylons logo?

Any recommendations will be much appreciated and after we've discussed the options on the Pylons mailing list we'll commission the person whose work best reflects Pylons.

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James Gardner: Home > Blog > 2007 > Pylons Logo Design