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IE7 produces different HTTP Digest headers

22 Sep, 2007

Rohan Barnett has been pointing out a bug in AuthKit he has experienced for quite a while. For some reason AuthKit's digest implementation worked in every browser apart from IE7. All that happens is that IE keeps showing you the pop to enter your username and password.

Today I finally tracked down the problem. IE7's headers look like this:

Digest username="asd",realm="Test Realm",nonce="b99bd0d4c8c5f9d0448910ea6ab5be28",uri="/private",cnonce="9e1a7dc289b9ce26090ae88cb5433cff",nc=00000005,response="1709e5d0616f43a63c3c77b0866ef3d3",qop="auth",opaque="b41c8bf75355adb523d1b05f8f2707d8"

Every other browser's look like something like this with spaces after the commas:

Digest username="asd", realm="Test Realm",
nonce="7f05810618404280262353bb51bd998c", uri="/private",
opaque="d0837206408ac92195012fb0ce233e91", qop=auth, nc=00000002,

The AuthKit code was splitting on ", " not on ",". I've corrected this, fixing ticket #31 and it now works but I thought I'd blog about it here in case anyone else experiences the same issue.

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