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Goodbye Sole Trader - Hello 3aims Ltd

20 Mar, 2007

Today is an exciting day - I've finally registered 3aims in England and Wales as a company limited by shares.

There are plenty of off-the-shelf packages which cost about £25 and allow you to set up a company extremely quickly but many of them involve having a different person initially register as a director and secretary and then the idea is you change the details to your own once the company is formed.

This sounded a bit too under-hand for my liking so instead I read all the literature myself, drafted my own articles and memorandum of association based on templates from a LawPack book and formed the company by presenting all the paperwork by hand at Companies House in Bloomsbury. For £50 you get their fast track service and the company was formed 4 hours later ready for me to pick up the Certificate of Incorporation.

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