James Gardner

James Gardner

I'm the James Gardner that works as a Full Stack Web Developer and Open Source Technical Architect, lives in London, was lucky enough to study Physics at Oxford (Wadham College), and designed a Photobioreactor whilst at school in Bedford!

I'm best known for programming in the Python language and for leading the CKAN open data team in its formative years at data.gov.uk (now used worldwide e.g. data.gov, humdata, more...). You can still read my open source book on the Pylons web framework.

Nowadays I also code Node.js, React (web and native) and Go. I like taking projects from idea to MVP to production using a test-driven approach or helping successful teams scale their software.

Recent News

29th September 2016

Mirrors my thoughts on front-end development - Web development as a hack of hacks. Important to know when to keep things simple. When you've been through the cycle a few times, shiny things are less attractive!

28th September 2016
27th September 2016

Hadn't come across the Roger Hodgson original of the Logical Song before. Good lyrics too.

26th September 2016

Had a lovely time over the weekend with Claire up at my parents and then with her grandmother and family.

19th September 2016

Map of different cognitive biases, broken down by type.

17th September 2016

Enjoyed having (an admittedly short!) ride in Martyn's AC Cobra.

16th September 2016
14th September 2016

Excellent Science Disrupt event last night on Future Health at Interchange in Camden. Was delighted to meet Ben Meghreblian who is doing a great job at OpenTrials. They're looking forward a Hack day on 8th October in Berlin. I'm also very impressed with what Shafi Ahmed is doing with VR to train surgeons in remote countries.

VR to train surgeons
13th September 2016
2nd September 2016
Wagtail is an awesome CMS, nothing is added unnecessarily, but everything you need is there, carefully thought through.
2nd September 2016
Adobe's useful online colour wheel
21st May 2015
At the premier of #WeAreManyMovie, a film about the stop the war movement from 2013 until now. You need to see it - it is a powerful demonstration of the failings that are possible in government and the effect that protest can have in the long term. I'm very proud of my friend Jahlia Osha who was involved in its making.
16th May 2015
Lovely weekend at Swanage with the dive club - you can be lucky with the weather!
2nd May 2015
Bluebell walk at Otford in Kent with the dive club - really easy to get to by train from London Victoria
19th April 2015
Gamalan lesson at the Southbank 35656516356565163232321632323216. Highly recommended!