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James is a front-end developer, data scientist and microservices architect. He builds robust and scalable websites and data apps applying the right mix of modern technologies and backwards compatibility for the problems he's solving.


Thu May 21 2015

At the premier of #WeAreManyMovie a film about the stop the war movement from 2013 until now. You need to see it - it is a powerful demonstration of the failings that are possible in government and the effect that protest can have in the long term. I'm very proud of my friend Jahlia Osha who was involved in its making.

Sat May 16 2015

Lovely weekend at Swanage with the dive club - you can be lucky with the weather!

Sat May 02 2015

Bluebell walk at Otford in Kent with the dive club - really easy to get to by train from London Victoria

Sun Apr 19 2015

Gamalan lesson at the Southbank 35656516356565163232321632323216. Highly recommended!

Mon Apr 13 2015

Why are organisms altruistic? Groups of altruists are more successful than other groups. Different groups will still fight, and a bastard may still exist in a group. Groups can be considered up the scale to countries and down the scale to genes. Evolution can be considered in terms of culture as well as genes. Ideally we want to be altruistic at the largest group scales. Altruism is not sacrifice, it is about the outcome. Morality is what coerces people to be altruistic, perhaps beyond their natural empathy.

Fri Apr 10 2015

Richie Benaud "Captaincy is 90 per cent luck and 10 per cent skill. But don't try it without that 10 per cent."

Mon Apr 06 2015

I can highly recommend a visit to the World War II Lascaris War Rooms . The whole site there is very understated but what happened in the underground bunkers in Malta's capital Valetta was incredible - think bond villan lair, but built by the good guys.

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