James Gardner

James Gardner

I'm the James Gardner that works as a Full Stack Web Developer and Open Source Technical Architect, lives in London, was lucky enough to study Physics at Oxford (Wadham College), and designed a Photobioreactor whilst at school in Bedford!

I'm best known for programming in the Python language and for leading the CKAN open data team in its formative years at data.gov.uk (now used worldwide e.g. data.gov, humdata, more...). You can still read my open source book on the Pylons web framework.

Nowadays I also code Node.js, React (web and native) and Go. I like taking projects from idea to MVP to production using a test-driven approach or helping successful teams scale their software.

Recent News

9th December 2016

Snowboarding at the Snow Dome with the Geovation team

8th December 2016

Sofie Hagen at the Soho Theatre

4th December 2016

Planted a whole load of bulbs in the garden - hopefully they'll spring up in Spring!

  • 16 crocus (tommasinianus Ruby Giant, 8cm deep, 5cm apart, 10cm high),
  • 8 Narcissus (Tete a Tete, 10cm deep, 15cm apart, 20cm high)
  • 30 Muscari (armeniacum, 8cm deep, 10cm apart, 15cm high)
  • 4 Hyacinthus (orientalis Fondant, 15cm deep, 15cm apart, 15cm high)
  • 8 Tulips (triumph Seadov 10cm deep, 12cm apart, 30cm high),
  • 10 Anemone (coronaria bicolor 5cm deep, 10cm apart, 25cm high)
  • 16 Allium (sphaeroceph.., 5cm depth, 8cm apart, 60cm high)

3rd December 2016

Great time at the Dive Club Christmas Party at Kenza in Liverpool Street.

1st December 2016

Fully agree with this assement by Stephen Hawking in the Guardian: This is the most dangerous time for our planet

1st December 2016

ShellJS looks nifty

30th November 2016

I've published a typescript-coverage-sourcemap example project that shows how to get coverage for a sourcemap-based TypeScript 2.0 project.

30th November 2016

Used Docker for Mac (the proper native version, not boot2docker) for the first time today (bit late to the party!). Seems nice though. Based on xhyve which I hadn't heard of either.

27th November 2016

Back from a brilliant two weeks diving in Bali with the Argonauts dive club.

18th November 2016

Finished reading Post Capitalism by Paul Mason. It is a really interesting tour of economics and the history of capitalism which jumps around with lots of great ideas, but I found its description of how non-market forms of exchange might replace capitalism a bit weak. I'm particularly interested in how non-market economies might solve/co-exist with current problems with capitalism, because I've lived in one for nearly 15 years - the world of open source software.

10th November 2016

Saw Rambert's The Creation at Saddlers Wells with Sassie and Claire.

31st October 2016

Excited to be starting my new job as a software engineer at the Geovation Hub, Ordnance Survey's startup incubator.

24th October 2016
19th October 2016

rbush (2D spatial index for rectangles) and turf (geospatial operations on GeoJSON)

16th October 2016

Very successful training weekend at Stoney Cove with Trevor, James, Jess and Alex. I did manage to tear two wrist-seals on my drysuit, but electrician's tape got me through the first few dives. We stayed at Steve's Place and ate at the Bull's Head. Both highly recommended. Thanks to Trevor for all the driving and ferrying of kit.