James Gardner

James Gardner

I'm the James Gardner that works as a Full Stack Web Developer and Open Source Technical Architect, lives in London, was lucky enough to study Physics at Oxford (Wadham College), and designed a Photobioreactor whilst at school in Bedford!

I'm best known for programming in the Python language and for leading the CKAN open data team in its formative years at data.gov.uk (now used worldwide e.g. data.gov, humdata, more...). You can still read my open source book on the Pylons web framework.

Nowadays I also code Node.js, React (web and native) and Go. I like taking projects from idea to MVP to production using a test-driven approach or helping successful teams scale their software.

Recent News

24th October 2016
19th October 2016

rbush (2D spatial index for rectangles) and turf (geospatial operations on GeoJSON)

16th October 2016

Very successful training weekend at Stoney Cove with Trevor, James, Jess and Alex. I did manage to tear two wrist-seals on my drysuit, but electrician's tape got me through the first few dives. We stayed at Steve's Place and ate at the Bull's Head. Both highly recommended. Thanks to Trevor for all the driving and ferrying of kit.

11th October 2016

Took part in a conductive music workshop using fruit to platy a tune!

10th October 2016

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - Good advice when deciding what to work on (better in the long term than focusing on money, impact or even what you are good at - you might just have spent more time doing that thing)

9th October 2016

Really enjoyed the tour Steve and volunteers gave of Walthamstow Wetlands which are due to open next year. Saw a confiding Robin and a Peregrine falcon as well as lots of water birds. Superb.

8th October 2016

Successful day's dive training at Wraysbury with Trevor, Alex, Jess and James. Well done all.

29th September 2016

Great to go through the business model canvas and value proposition design with Michelle.

29th September 2016

Mirrors my thoughts on front-end development - Web development as a hack of hacks. Important to know when to keep things simple. When you've been through the cycle a few times, shiny things are less attractive!

28th September 2016
27th September 2016

Hadn't come across the Roger Hodgson original of the Logical Song before. Good lyrics too.

26th September 2016

Had a lovely time over the weekend with Claire up at my parents and then with her grandmother and family.

19th September 2016

Map of different cognitive biases, broken down by type.

17th September 2016

Enjoyed having (an admittedly short!) ride in Martyn's AC Cobra.

16th September 2016